What to look for in a Magento training course

Magento can be a beast to conquer, and a specialist Magento training course can help build confidence and knowledge of the platform in a short space of time. Here’s our guide to what to look for in a training course to help you make the most of it!

Magento training courses in London, UK

by Peacock Carter London.

Magento is a large system, and it can initially appear daunting. Magento training courses are a great way to get up to speed with using the ecommerce platform, but it’s important to ensure you’re getting value from the content.

Here’s our guide to what to consider when booking a Magento training course in London or elsewhere in the UK.

1. What do you need to learn?

This may sound obvious, but it’s worth really considering what you want to learn on your Magento training course. Course content can be hugely varied, from content on general website management to product catalogue management, order processing, and even search engine optimisation for your store’s content.

Carefully considering the key areas of Magento you need to learn, and ensuring that the training you have booked matches is key to making the most of it!

2 Clicking Here. What’s your current Magento knowledge level?

Magento training courses in London

Another consideration is your current level of Magento knowledge: you may not find much value in a beginner-level training course if you’ve been using Magento for years already!

Equally, if you have no Magento knowledge and attempt an advanced Magento administration course, you may well struggle and learn nothing too!

Consider asking your course leader about the typical level of other people in the course if you’re contemplating a shared session.

3. How many people are on the course?

It is also worth considering how many people are undertaking the course alongside you if you book a public Magento training session: you could well be sharing one trainer with 10 people which could be disastrous with poorly planned content!

One to one Magento training can be much more productive with more focus on your learning outcomes, so despite the added expense it is often a better investment of money. Our Magento sessions typically have no more than 5 members of staff from just one organisation in them to ensure all delegates learn what they need to from the experts whilst we’re there.

The above is designed to be some food for thought if you’re looking to book a training course for yourself or others: please do check out our Magento consultancy profile, and you’ll see that we’re experienced Magento trainers who have helped plenty of merchants both in London and throughout the UK.