Magento: the best ecommerce system?

With a ~30% market share, Magento is world leading. What makes Magento the best ecommerce system around? By specialist UK Magento agency Peacock Carter.

by Peacock Carter London.

If you’ve been researching having an ecommerce website built recently, you will no doubt have come across Magento by now. 

With a 30% market share (see here), Magento is truly the world leader in ecommerce at the moment, beating WooCommerce, Prestashop and Shopify

So, why do we think Magento is the best ecommerce platform out there? As a specialist Magento agency, we love working with it: here are some of the reasons we’ve enjoyed working with Magento since 2008.

1. Magento is complete ecommerce

Magento provides a full base for your ecommerce business, including:

  • Catalogue management for products and categories
  • Promotional codes
  • Order/payment processing
  • Order management
  • Customer management

Magento allows for all of the above, and is ecommerce built from the ground up: it’s not an add-on to an existing system (such as WooCommerce). Magento is purely ecommerce, and it shows! And if you have bigger aims for your business online, the paid license version, Magento Enterprise, could be for you!

2. Magento integrates with (almost!) everything

As a leading ecommerce platform, Magento has proven integrations with other leading business software, including:

  • SalesForce customer relationship management software
  • Payment gateways such as WorldPay, Barclaycard and SagePay
  • Accountancy systems such as Sage
  • Amazon and eBay marketplaces, allowing you to sell your stock
  • Courier integration including USPS, UPS, and Royal Mail

This allows a great deal of automation for your business, and also provides a smoother experience for your customers: win-win!

3. Magento supports multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-site

Magento’s flexible architecture allows it to support a wide range of business needs, including:

  • Multi-currency selling: sell around the world in Pounds Sterling, Euros, Dollars, Yen – with automatic or fixed conversion rates
  • Multi-lingual websites: Magento’s multi-language support is superb, allowing you to present the same products and contents in as many languages as you like
  • Multi-site: manage multiple ecommerce websites from one installation of Magento. Using this feature allows you to set different pricing per store, and even have totally different look and feels to each store for different target markets

As you can see, Magento really is one of the best ecommerce systems around through flexibility, integrations and functionality. If you’re serious about ecommerce for your business, Magento is well worth considering!