Magento training courses in London

Magento training courses in London, UK

Magento is a world leading ecommerce system, and our Magento training courses in London are designed to help you make the most of its potential.

As a seasoned web design agency, you can benefit from years of our ecommerce and Magento experience

How Magento training courses can help you

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We have a range of Magento training courses to suit your organisation:

  • Introduction to Magento course: a high level overview of Magento – ideal if you’re not committed to Magento yet to see what it can do for your organisation
  • Magento store administration for beginners: ideal for store owners and ecommerce managers wanting to get to grips with the ins and outs of Magento’s powerful backend
  • Magento theme development: aimed at frontend web developers who want to start exploring the creation of their own Magento themes, this course covers Sass, Compass and professional development tips for Magento theming.
  • Magento module development: aimed at web developers with a little existing knowledge of PHP, this course introduces would-be Magento developers to Magento module development the professional way.
  • Bespoke Magento training courses: if the content you would like to cover isn’t listed above, just ask! We run entirely bespoke courses on most aspects of Magento, from store administration to store building, configuration, theming, development and more.

Our training courses are tailored to you and your learning needs, and can range from just half a day to a full day, or span out over many days for more intensive training. Led by an experienced website consultant with a deep knowledge of the Magento platform, the training courses come with comprehensive notes for your future reference and typically take a workshop-style approach, encouraging attendees to interact with the course leader and work towards solving tasks presented to help the knowledge really sink in.

Training by Magento experts

Magento 1.4 Theme Design book

Peacock Carter have been working with Magento since 2008, and have worked with clients of all sizes in that time. We’ve helped clients:

  • Design and development bespoke Magento stores
  • Troubleshoot their Magento store
  • Optimise their Magento stores for speed and search engines
  • Improve their knowledge of Magento with training courses and bespoke user guides designed around their needs

Our lead Magento consultant, Richard Carter, is author of 4 Magento books to date, and has helped organisations around the world with their Magento Community and Magento Enterprise websites.

If you would like to book your Magento training and workshop session with us, please contact us via or telephone 0207 998 3408.